BDK – Association for Art Education

BDK supports the promotion of art education, especially that of aesthetic education and the examination of art and of shaped environments. Above everything else, BDK is committed to art as a subject in all school types and grades. It fosters cooperation with out-of-school institutions like art schools for the youth.

BDK is a member of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA), of the German cultural council (Deutscher Kulturrat) and the Fonds Soziokultur. It cooperates with the Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e.V..

As an independent provider, BDK offers continuing education for teachers. It also hosts symposia on particular topics as well as expert discussions.

Images for education

Art education is an indispensable element of general education. It conveys pivotal cultural insights and attitudes in all areas of fine arts, in film, photography, new media, design, architecture, town and country planning as well as other related disciplines. Art education aims for cultural understanding and the inclusion of everybody. It enables children and adolescents to come to know and appreciate art and culture, to shape them and to participate in cultural life.
Through receptive and productive involvement with works of art as well as aesthetic phenomena of everyday life, art education allows for the acquisition of knowledge about the origin and function of images. It induces tolerance and empathy in the dialogue of cultures.

Art teachers participate in the advancement of individual image literacy and competence of representation as well as the power of imagination and expression in life-long learning processes. Furthermore, they contribute to the exploration and formation of the parameters of dealing with images in a sensitive, creative and reflected way. The reflection of the history of art education in school is the basis of BDK’s formulation of aims. The two belong together, and their relationship is the subject of continuous discussion as well as of the publications of BDK.

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